Learn More - about Backlinks

We are going to give you here below just a brief overview about what Backlinks are, and the impact on your website.

What is a Backlink on a Website
Backlink or Inbound link is created when a website links to another website. They are critical within the digital marketing industry. At the moment there is not such a powerful toll that would work so effitiently for your SEO. There is certainly a lot information about backlinks and how they help your page ranking. It has also been said they can penalised you popularity online if not used the right way.

What do backlinks do to your website or brand
They provide an extra boost to your online presence, which helps to promote your brand. They make your website, services or information to be shown on sites relevant to your niche. Backlinks help to create awareness of your brand. All this mean for search engines that if other relevant sites vouch your content your site will gain more visibility.

What does it mean for Google
The most Google automate processes respect your authority, the higher your site will rank on relevant organic search results. A high quality backlink will tell search engines that you presence online is important for your niche and for your customers. Backlinks will also work on social media through social media marketing. It will encourage visitors to raise awareness of your brand on their own recognisance.


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